Types of Fasting

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Four Main Kinds of Fast

There are four main kinds of fast -

TOTAL FAST  -  no food or water for not more than three days  ESTHER 4:16
   NOTE: This should NOT be undertaken by anyone on medication or with specific medical conditions without medical permission and supervision.

NORMAL or PARTIAL FAST - liquids only  LUKE 4:1-2;1 KINGS 17; MATTHEW 3:4
   Some people miss a meal or two as a form of partial fast.

"DANIEL" FAST  -  vegetables and liquids only  DANIEL 1:8-20; 10:3


Simple Do's & Don'ts of Fasting

•  Pray beforehand and ask the LORD to show you why you should fast.     
   You are not trying to force God to do something for you! He doesn’t respond to blackmail.

•  Make sure you have a Bible, notepad & pen with you to make notes.

•  Start with a simple fast eg  a Daniel fast of vegetables & liquids, or liquids only such as fruit juice or clear soup. 
   As you become used to fasting, so you can attempt longer fasts.

•  If you find you’re suffering headaches, drink more liquids.

•  Do not have a large meal when you break your fast. Have a light salad, a piece  of  fruit or some soup. 
•  If you suffer from constipation when fasting, a "Daniel fast" will help to alleviate the problem.

•  Some discomfort is inevitable and a part of the discipline of the fleshly desires.
   You will find as you pray that the Holy Spirit will help you work through it to a  place of closeness to God.