Warfare Praying


Two Kinds Of Warfare Prayer  

Paul mentions two kinds of prayer in 1 CORINTHIANS 14:14-15
•  Praying in Tongues
•  Praying with his Mind

A. Praying in Tongues

is a form of wordless praise and worship to God. It's praying with one's mind in neutral so we don't become tongue-tied. Paul says he prayed in tongues more than any of the Corinthian Christians.

B. Praying with One's Mind

is targeted prayer against the enemy. It includes the use of Scripture, especially the PSALMS, and is also a powerful form of aggressive warfare when anointed by the Holy Spirit as a rhema Word of God.

A Two-edged Sword In Our Hands

PSALM 149:6 mentions two weapons of spiritual warfare. What are they?     

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Using Scripture In Warfare Praying

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Video of War Room

Watch the trailer for the inspirational film War Room about warfare praying by clicking on WAR ROOM.


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