Enforcing The Victory Of Calvary

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It Is Finished!

When Jesus cried out "It is finished!" as he was dying on the cross at Calvary, he meant he had fulfilled the purpose for which God had sent him by defeating sin, death and satan. The apostle John wrote:The Son of God came into the world to destroy the works of the devil 1 JOHN 3:8

We Fight From Victory, Not For Victory

The battle has already been won for us at Calvary. Our role is to enforce the victory that Christ has won by using the supernatural weapons God has given us.

1.  Be Aware Of Satan's Strategies: Lies, Deceit & Intimidation

Satan is a ruthless enemy and will try to keep people in bondage if he possibly can, even after they have been delivered by God's grace and mercy. His three main tactics  are  -
a.   Lies    -  especially by casting doubt on the reality of your salvation, healing or deliverance and upon the truth of God's Word
b.   Deceit  -  by seeking to deceive believers into thinking they are safe from attack, or that you have not been saved, forgiven or delivered
c.   Intimidation   -  by seeking to instil fear by counter-attacking hard and making out that you are worse off than before

BEFORE a person is saved or delivered, Satan tries to persuade us that we will never be delivered, that God doesn't really love us and will never forgive us all the awful sins we have committed.

AFTER we are delivered, Satan will seek by all possible means to win back the territory he has lost.                                


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