Wounded Healers

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Sharing Christ's Love With The Hurting

ISAIAH 53:3-6 

When Jesus was crucified on a Roman cross at Calvary outside Jerusalem in about 33AD, he was fulfilling a prophecy God had spoken through the prophet Isaiah some seven hundred years earlier. In this prophecy God had promised to send his Anointed One - The Messiah - to  -

•  take God's punishment for our sins
•  take our sicknesses & our sorrows   
•  reunite us spiritually with God for ever

The Commission To Be Wounded Healers

When Jesus died on the cross, he fulfilled the prophecy and God's plan of salvation. After his resurrection and ascension back to heaven, he became The Wounded Healer, and commissioned his followers to do what he had done while he was here on earth (ISAIAH 61:1-3; LUKE 4:18-19; MATTHEW 28:19-20)  - 
•  proclaim the arrival of the kingdom-rule of God wherever they went
•  heal physical sicknesses (Hebrew mak'owb=diseases)  & emotional suffering    (Hebrew gol'iy=griefs)
•  set the captives free from bondages of all kinds

Like Jesus himself, we can only do this if we are filled with the Holy Spirit and anointed for ministry with the supernatural gifts of the Spirit.


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